Vatican’s archbishop Gallagher visits Montenegro

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher visits Montenegro

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, is embarking on a significant diplomatic journey to Montenegro, spanning four days. This diplomatic venture aims to foster dialogue and cooperation between the Holy See and the Balkan nation, while also addressing matters pertinent to the local Catholic community.

Commencing on Thursday, March 21, and concluding on Sunday, March 24, Archbishop Gallagher’s itinerary is brimming with engagements aimed at strengthening ties and addressing mutual interests.

Throughout his stay, Archbishop Gallagher will hold meetings with key figures within Montenegro’s government, including the President, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. These discussions are pivotal in facilitating constructive dialogue and collaboration between the Holy See and Montenegro.

The official announcement of Archbishop Gallagher’s visit was made via @TerzaLoggia, the official account of the Secretariat of State of the Holy See, emphasizing the significance of this diplomatic endeavor.

Archbishop Gallagher’s engagements are diverse and encompass various facets of Montenegro’s socio-political landscape. On Friday, he is scheduled to meet with Jakov Milatović, the President of the Republic, as well as Andrija Mandić, the President of the Parliament, and Milojko Spajić, the Prime Minister. Additionally, he will attend the opening of the Session of the Joint Commission for implementing the Basic Agreement between the Holy See and Montenegro, underscoring the commitment to mutual collaboration and adherence to agreements.

A poignant moment of the Archbishop’s visit will be his interaction with the Catholic community of the Diocese of Kotor on Saturday, March 23. Here, Archbishop Gallagher will lead a Mass at St. Tryphon Cathedral, offering spiritual guidance and solidarity to the local Catholic congregation.

Concluding his visit on Sunday, Archbishop Gallagher will engage with the Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Bar, culminating in the celebration of the Eucharist at the Co-cathedral of St. Peter. These moments of communal worship and fellowship serve to reinforce the bonds between the Catholic faithful and the Holy See.

Archbishop Gallagher’s four-day diplomatic visit to Montenegro symbolizes the Holy See’s commitment to fostering diplomatic relations, promoting interfaith dialogue, and supporting Catholic communities worldwide.