World Bank upgrades economic outlook

World Bank economic outlook of Montenegro

In a recent update, the World Bank revised its growth forecast for Montenegro’s economy, signaling positive trends tempered by potential challenges.

Robust economic expansion

The World Bank now anticipates Montenegro’s economy to expand by 4.8% in the current year, marking a substantial increase from its earlier projection of 3.3% growth made in June.

Sustained growth in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Montenegro’s GDP is expected to maintain growth at 3.2%, a slight uptick of 0.1 percentage point from the June forecast. This stability signifies a positive outlook for the nation’s economic prospects.

Resilience amidst challenges

Despite external pressures, Montenegro demonstrated remarkable resilience over the past two years, with solid GDP growth. However, the country faces imminent challenges, particularly in managing fiscal responsibilities amid substantial debt repayments scheduled for 2024-2027. This task is further complicated by the presence of high financing costs.

Tourism’s promising trajectory

The tourism sector is poised for continued expansion, with expectations to surpass its 2019 performance. This optimistic outlook underscores the significance of tourism in Montenegro’s economic landscape. Nevertheless, concerns arise due to potentially diminishing growth prospects in the European Union and neighboring regions, which may exert downward pressure on tourism.

Risks on the horizon

Montenegro’s economic optimism is accompanied by potential risks:

High geopolitical uncertainties pose a threat to growth, particularly in key trading partner nations. Domestic risks emanate from political challenges within the country. However, the report emphasizes that these challenges can be effectively addressed through the implementation of well-crafted, cost-effective policies.

Montenegro’s economy demonstrates resilience and growth potential, but it must navigate fiscal responsibilities, international uncertainties, and domestic political challenges. Prudent policy decisions will be essential in ensuring continued economic stability and prosperity.