Abramovich rebuffs investment rumours

Roman Abramovich Montenegro properties

Roman Abramovich has no intention of buying property on the Mo­n­t­enegrin coast in contrary to earlier reports, a representative of the Russian billionaire told The Montenegro Times.

Based on an article in the UK’s Su­n­day Telegraph, and comments made by leading Montenegrin lawyer Dragan Prelević, speculation ran high th­at Abramovich was poised to purch­ase property at the Velika Plaža near Ulcinj.

Rumours had Abramovich purchasing l­and around the eight-mile stretch of be­a­ch in order to build a massive luxury tourist resort and, in the words of Al­e­ksander Vukićević, head of the real estate company Dream Property Montenegro, “turn the country into a new Dubai.”

“I can unfortunately not reveal the de­tails about clients’ affairs, except that they are currently involved in acquiring property on the Velika Plaža and around it,” Dragan Prelević, the managing partner of the law firm Prelević, is quoted as saying.

But John Mann, head of public relations at Abramovich’s investment and asset management company Mi­l­l­h­o­use LLC, says Abramovich is not se­e­king to purchase property in M­o­ntenegro.

“Roman Abramovich does not own, nor is he currently seeking to purch­ase, property in Montenegro,” Mann told The Montenegro Times.

When asked about the comments made by Prelević, who claims to represent Abramovich in Montenegro, Mann denied the Russian billionaire had any contact with the Prelević law firm.

“Neither Abramovich nor anyone representing him has ever conducted business with Dragan Prelević or the Prelevic law firm,” Mann said.

Attempts by The Montenegro Times to reach Prelevic for comment were unsuccessful.

The official tender for a consultant who will help develop a tourist resort at Velika Plaža closes March 12. The initial decision to implement the project through a long-term private investor has been rescinded.